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Re: [News] DELL to Sell Linux Laptops!

__/ [ B Gruff ] on Thursday 27 April 2006 14:35 \__

> On Thursday 27 April 2006 14:26 Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Dell to intro Linux based notebook
>> | 
>> | SOURCES SAID Dell in Europe and Mandriva will introduce a Latitude
>> | DX20 laptop using the Linux operating system.
>> | 
>> | The machine includes Centrino Duo and hardware certification of
>> | Mandriva.
>> `----
>>                 http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=31300
> There seems to be some uncertainty as to whether it will be distributed
> outside France? (but remember...Germany.... France.... Holland...
> (grin)...)

If I recall correctly, Dell started by offering a Linux /desktop/ running
Mandriva. That was exclusively in France and goes back roughly 10 months.
Since then, Dell have liaised with Red Hat and are now selling Linux with
more workstations, in more places, and are even giving you prompts such as:


(this comes up even if you know nothing about Linux and don't follow its

> However, this must be very good news indeed, in that Dell will be selling
> at
> least one totally Linux-friendly laptop?  It doesn't take much
> extrapolation to imagine that Dell in the near future, when reviewing
> components for their products, will likely start to insist that they should
> be Linux-compatible...

They already /are/, for the most part. Then come to consider detailed guides
such as:


                                                (one among many)
Or even:


The big gain of distribution with Linux pre-installed and supported is that
it will appeal to those who cannot be bothered with installation or find it
daunting. No more "learn and install Linux". Just buy it as-is. It works as
it says on the tin and you can always call Dell to for assistance, questions
and further enquiries.

> (btw, where do you get your Tux stickers?)

The GIMP. *wink*

Best wishes,


PS - This news is currently spreading to many Linux sites and it will get
people talking fairly soon. I think C.O.L.A. was among the first to cite The
Inquirer. *smile*

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