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Re: Gnome looks hideous

__/ [ William Poaster ] on Thursday 27 April 2006 10:26 \__

> It was on Thu, 27 Apr 2006 07:14:10 +0100 when Roy Schestowitz posted
> this:
>> __/ [ Ron House ] on Thursday 27 April 2006 03:32 \__
>>> Ruel Smith wrote:
>>>> I absolutely, whole-heartedly, agree with you. It's ugly, unintuitive,
>>>> limited, and not very versatile. KDE is hands down the best.
>>>> I think corporate desktop people in enterprise _want_ to keep things
>>>> from the user, and therefore prefer Gnome. However, they're not going
>>>> to win over the desktop in the corporate world with that hideous window
>>>> manager/GUI.
>>> KDE hasn't got a feature that is a deal breaker for me: Gnome pops up
>>> and tells me the size of a window as I resize it. When programming for
>>> screen sizes, not having this tiny feature makes life impossible. Of
>>> course, fvwm also told you position when you shifted, which was even
>>> better.
>> KDE 3.4 (if not 3.2 and 3.3 as well, surely not 3.1 which I use regularly)
>> has this feature. You can have the windows dimensions displayed rather
>> neatly as you resize. And KDE, being KDE, gives you much functionality
>> beyond the very basics of this.
>> Hope it helps,
>> Roy
> KDE 3.5.x is even better, fast too! :-)

I am sure it is better ("newer is usually (but not always) better") and I'll
take your word on speed. I hope that transparency and shadow have phased out
of that "experimental" status in 3.5 and later. These features were hungry
for CPU in 3.4, so for practical purposes, they were better turned off
altogether. They offer so little. Frankly, the same goes for XGL, but
computers are sometimes used to demonstrate work to clients or audiences.

Best wishes,


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