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Re: Number 1 and number 2 with same page - how?

__/ [ xyZed ] on Thursday 27 April 2006 10:02 \__

> This is the first time I've seen this. I have a  .com domain but I
> also have the co.uk domain version which is parked. Using the .co.uk
> extension should diver to the pages on the .com site although the
> pages still show as .co.uk.
> The keywords I do well on in Google  usually return the .co.uk page. I
> just found that on one particular search I'm number 1 with the .co.uk
> home page but also number 2 with the .com version. Both results are
> exactly the same page but one shows as .com and the other.co.uk
> Should this be treated as just an anomaly, is it something that
> shouldn't happen?

>From experience, this should rarely happen and, in due time, the two pages
will  be  seen as similar and be (virtually) merged to appear as one  URL.
The second URL may drop significantly (say, down to page 2).

On  other occasions, oddly enough, I noticed that a single domain can have
multiple  separated  (not nested) results. For example, I used to have  my
front)  page  at  number 1 and my blog (residing on the  same  domain)  at
number  3. In due time, the more 'logical' (the fluffy sense of the  word)
results  began  to appear and the SERP continously converge into a  better
form.  They  are  possibly optimised by tracking what links  the  user  is

Best wishes,


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