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Re: Ballmer: Microsoft Moves from Quality Software to Public Brainwash

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> __/ [ Hadron Quark ] on Sunday 20 August 2006 19:35 \__
>> "nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> Dear Roy,
>>> I'm posting here instead of below the recent impersonation, because I
>>> don't want to add to it.
>>> This only shows how much you are getting under their skins, and how
>>> effective you have been in promoting Linux, which is the purpose of
>>> this newgroup.  It also shows how low they will sink in trying to
>>> destroy this newsgroup as a useful forum and anyone whose message they
>>> don't like.
>>> In cases like this I have noticed that not a single Windows advocate
>>> ever speaks up to condemn this kind of behavior.  In this case,
>>> however, Hadron Quark has supported it.    Some of the Linux advocates
>> I have supported it? WTF are you talking about you asslicking weasel? I
>> did nothing of the sort - I merely posted a semi-humurous reply. I do
>> not condone net impersonation and have been the victim of it
>> myself. Even worse are simpering fops like yourself you try to
>> ingratiate yourself into people good books by worshipping their shadow.
>>> on this newsgroup exhibit some pretty rude behaviour some times, but
>>> they have never, as far as I have seen, engaged in this kind of
>>> behaviour, by which I mean impersonation, dragging people's personal
>>> lives out for ridicule, and other such (some worse) things.
>> You do realise that (at least I think) none of it was true? It wasnt
>> Roy's personal life that was being dragged out - it was a sick joke by
>> someone. But, Roy, if you can suck your own cock, thats pretty
>> impressive for a computer nerd - most cant even bend down enough to tie
>> up their shoelaces.
> 'Hadron',
> Thanks for reminding me what a piece (or piss) os shit you are. In my bin you
> remain.

As usual with crybabies, you can give but can not take. Or, seemingly,
recognise pisstake when you see it. You take yourself *far* too
seriously : whether its justifying right justification or spamming the
NG with totally OT posts about Windows. Had you read the post above you
would see that I condemned the original post. if you cant, then get some
comprehension lessons or get out more into the real world.

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