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[News] IBM Helps OpenDocument Format

IBM project aims to help blind use ODF applications

,----[ Quote ]
| APIs will faciliate visuals to be interpreted by screen readers
| that reproduce information verbally
| [...]
| The technology is based on interfaces IBM originally developed with
| Sun Microsystems Inc. to make programs on Java and Linux platforms
| accessible to the blind.


Bob Sutor of IBM: I'm a document guy

,----[ Quote ]
| Documents represent the basis for how we store the information that
| will become our history. Software applications and companies will
| come and go, market leaders will change, and certainly all of us
| will be replaced by a new and younger generation of people who think
| about information in very different ways. The choices we make today
| are important and will have implications that will play out over a
| much longer time than the history of word processing and office
| suites to date.


MSXML Is Not an Open Standard (ODF Alliance statement)

,----[ Quote ]
| On December 7, 2006, Ecma approved Office Open XML (OOXML) and plans to
| submit it to the Joint Technical Committee 1 of the International
| Organization for Standardization and International Electrotechnical
| Commission (ISO/IEC JTC1), triggering a 9-12 month process during which
| OOXML will be considered for adoption as an international standard. Several 
| critical questions regarding the Ecma process itself and OOXML need to
| be carefully considered, given the long-standing policies of ISO and
| IEC regarding openness and transparency of the standards-development
| process, the technical quality of the standard, and the avoidance of
| "contradictory" standards.


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