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[News] Oracle is Afraid of Open Source Software and Linux

Previewing 2007: Oracle

,----[ Quote ]
| Though it's had a grand 2006 thus far, Oracle stock has
| hit a rough patch recently, down about 13% since November...
| Another threat: open-source databases. Open-source software is
| software developed by a global community of programmers, which is
| done through the Internet. For the most part, there is no license
| fee for this type of software. And, yes, there are serious databas
| players, such as Ingres and MySQL.
| Realizing the threat, Oracle has been trying to create confusion
| in the open-source marketplace. For example, the company purchased
| some open-source providers, like Sleepycat.
| What's more, open source is a threat to Oracle's middleware business
| (this is software that connects two systems, such as a server witha
| database). For example, this year Red Hat purchased the dominant
| open-source middleware player, JBoss.
| But Oracle had a brutal response; the company offered to provide
| cut-rate support for Red Hat's services, which resulted in a
| plunge in that company's stock. Interestingly enough, thes
| cuttlebutt is that Oracle did this to make it cheaper to
| utimately buy out Red Hat.



Customer Backlash Against Oracle's Buggy Linux Product?

,----[ Quote ]
| And there is other feedback showing that Oracle's Linux is extremely buggy, 
| and it keeps crashing, and Oracle has generated quite a bit of backlash and 
| animosity from the broader open source community towards Oracle. So, I 
| guess the question is, is it realistic to think that Oracle is just going 
| to ride this experiment into the ground, or would you expect them to 
| possibly withdraw their offering from the marketplace?


Oracle's Offering and Red Hat's Response

,----[ Quote ]
| You may wish to view Larry Ellison's keynote for yourself, in which he
| cited the SCO Group's litigation, believe it or not, claiming it is
| holding back Linux adoption in the enterprise... The vendors aren't
| offering indemnification, Ellison said, and because of SCO, there's
| all this uncertainty and doubt about intellectual property. He says he
| will offer indemnification. In the Q&A at the end, he was asked if
| Oracle was planning to buy SCO to bring that uncertainty to an end.
| No, was the answer.
| If he thought they were going to be victorious, he'd buy them in a
| New York minute. No uncertainty or doubt about that. So who is he
| kidding?
| Red Hat already has their response on their website, with a big sign
| on their homepage that reads: "Unfakeable Linux - Red Hat responds."
| The most important thing they say is that it's not true that you must
| upgrade to the most recent version to get support, as Elliso 
| claimed in his speech.
| [...]
|  Making Linux more successful in the enterprise is the right goal. But
| not if you kill off what makes Linux desirable, namely ethics. It's the
| value add of FOSS, and if the corporate guys don't figure that out soon,
| they really will kill the Golden Goose. Let me explain in one sentence
| why:
|     Cut throat competition destroys software.
| The Open Source process is built on the the same principles that work
| in any scientific environment. You share knowledge. You cooperate.
| Business always wants to balkanize. They very nearly killed Unix
| doing exactly that. And here they go with Linux, trying the same
| stupid thing. 


PostgreSQL 8.2 Closes The Gap  

,----[ Quote ]
| The release is an effort to close the gap on a performance and
| functionality basis between PostgreSQL and its competitive
| proprietary counterparts such as Oracle, IBM's DB2 and Microsoft's
| SQL Server.


Vonage's Open Source Database Odyssey  

,----[ Quote ]
| VoIP vendor Vonage Networks is deploying EnterpriseDB, which is built
| on top of the open source PostgreSQL database as an alternative to
| Oracle. EnterpriseDB Advanced Server adds Oracle compatibility to
| native PostgreSQL as well as performance improvements.


EnterpriseDB makes big strides in database world

,----[ Quote ]
| EnterpriseDB that month also won US$20 million (NZ$29 million) in
| financing, bringing the total amount of financing it has received
| up to US$28.5 million.


PostgreSQL vs. SQL Server, Oracle: Enterprise-ready and able to compete

,----[ Quote ]
| Why are you paying so much in licensing costs and annual maintenance when
| you could use PostgreSQL for free, and get community support and upgrades
| for free as well? This is the question that Neil Matthew and Richard
| Stones pose to smaller companies regarding their less critical
| applications.


Unbreakable Linux still unproven, analyst warns

,----[ Quote ]
| IT managers running Red Hat Linux should think carefully before
| making the switch to Unbreakable Linux, the new Linux distribution
| that Oracle Corp. announced last month.


Oracle F2Q07 (Qtr End 11/30/06) Earnings Call Transcript

,----[ Quote ]
| In the first 30 days, we had 9,000 downloads of Unbreakable Linux
| from our website and hundreds of customers connecting their servers
| to our network.


Oracle up to bat: Red Hat bashing possible

,----[ Quote ]
| In what's expected to be an otherwise so-so second quarter report, Oracle
| may shed some light on its two-month-old plan to support Red Hat Linux.
| [...]
| The wild-card in all this is Oracle's take on its Linux support
| initiative and what that means for Red Hat. Now it is possible
| Oracle won't mention Linux, but typically Larry Ellison slaps
| some rival around and talking trash against SAP has got to be
| getting old.


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