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[News] Asterisk 1.4.0 Golden Released

Asterisk 1.4.0 released

,----[ Quote ]
| The team thanks you for your support of Asterisk; more than half of the
| new functionality in this release was developed by community members!



AsteriskNOW Version 1.4.0 Beta 1

,----[ Quote ]
| The most popular open source PBX software, Asterisk, can now be
| easily configured with a graphical interface. AsteriskNOW Beta is a
| Software Appliance; a GUI implementation with the open source
| Asterisk distribution. AsteriskNOW includes all the Linux
| components necessary to run, debug and build Asterisk, and only
| those components, so installation is easy. You no longer have to
| worry about kernel versions and package dependencies. Unlike other
| Linux distributions used to deploy Asterisk, no unnecessary components
| that might compromise security or performance are included.


Replacing your legacy phone system with Trixbox

,----[ Quote ]
| As a communications consultant I have received many enquiries
| about VOIP as of late and as a Linux fan I have read much about
| the progress of the open-source Asterisk PBX project headed up by
| Digium. Utilizing the power and adaptability of Linux, one can build
| themselves an Asterisk based server on commodity hardware for a
| fraction of the price of a proprietary system. Installation and
| configuration can be very tricky however if you aren't blessed
| with Guru linux skills, enter Trixbox.


Voiceroute, Druid - Asterisk Management GUI v3.1 has launched

,----[ Quote ]
| Asterisk Managment GUI v3.1 has just been released and available for
| free download. Interested users can evaluate Druid v3.1 by requesting
| for a trial license.


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