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[News] Microsoft and Its Allies Use Waste to Fight Penguins

Unhappy feat: biologists baffled as millions of penguins vanish

,----[ Quote ]
| Millions of the birds are disappearing in a "sinister and
| astonishing" phenomenon that is baffling biologists.


It's no secret that the likes of Microsoft thrive in wa$te while Linux
strives to eliminate it (e.g. using minimalist distros).

Going green

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux is a free, open-source alternative to Windows that will happily
| run on older computers that struggle to run XP or Vista. Linux comes
| in many versions but it usually has the look and feel of Windows.
| "A PC that is a few years old may not have a lot of memory or grunt
| but it's often still fine running Linux for basic things like email
| and web browsing," says Steven D'Aprano, operations manager with
| Cybersource, a company that helps businesses get the most from
| open-source software.



Computers in schools are an environmental time-bomb

,----[ Quote ]
| The solution, according to Sirius Corporation, is a move away from the
| ECTA frameworks to leaner hardware and 'virtualised' network services.
| Traditional 'fat-client' workstations should be replaced by low-power
| 'thin-client' terminals. With flat screens and server consolidation
| power consumption could be reduced even further.
| [...]
| Hardware requirements to run Windows Vista means these consumption
| figures will rise even futher. Schools are using computers as room
| heaters which then need to be cooled using expensive air conditioning
| and Modern thin-client networks could reverse this trend and are
| available from the Open Source community and vendors of proprietary
| software today.


How Windows XP Wasted $25 Billion of Energy

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has been touting Vista's new power saving features,
| saying that upgrading to Vista could easily save consumers and
| corporations $50 to $75 per computer per year in energy costs.
| The question, though, is what marvelous new code makes this miracle
| possible. The answer? They fixed three stupid mistakes that have
| cost the world billions of dollars and millions of tons of CO2 in
| the past five years.


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