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[News] Linux Jobs Abound in Germany

City of Munich is looking for additional Linux specialists (technical system

,----[ Quote ]
| You can join the limux client team! The City of Munich published four
| job vacancies on their official homepage! If you?ve always been a fan
| of the open-source movement, want to take part in an ambitious project
| and be part of a great team and have appropriate knowledge of free
| software generally, as well as Debian GNU/Linux and OpenOffice.org



2007: Where the Tech Jobs Are

,----[ Quote ]
| ...open source and Linux skills are very hot. ?Linux is one of the fastest 
| growing, if not required, then recommended skills that most of the 
| sysadmins and operations people have,? Melland says. ?If you?re a systems 
| administrator and you don?t have Linux experience, you might want to seek 
| that out.?
| [...]
| All this migration to Linux and open source means that job openings are 
| zooming. Based on Dice statistics, Linux as a recommended skill is up 51% 
| this year, and roughly 150% in the last two years.


Linux and Open Source: How They Affect HR Professionals 

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux and other open source applications are finding increasing acceptance
| in the global marketplace by small and large companies alike. Statistics on
| the growth of a few open source programs-like Apache (a Web server), Linux
| (an operating system), FreeBSD (an operating system), and PostgreSQL (a
| database server)- demonstrate this. This column considers why open source
| is growing so fast, and what it means to human resources professionals.
| [...]
| With the growth in the OSS marketplace, led by Linux, more and more
| companies will be using OSS as a portion of their IT infrastructure,
| particularly in the arena of servers. As more applications become
| Web-based, there will be less and less reason for people to use Windows
| or Macintosh desktop computers. Companies like NumSum.com and Writely
| (just acquired by Google) provide traditional applications akin to Excel
| and Word through a Web browser interface. Windows isn't going away any
| time soon, but its days are numbered. OSS is shrinking Windows lifetime
| for servers and eventually it may do so for desktop machines as well.
| And that should provide interesting developments for all of us to watch.


Linux jobs abound, tech job service says

,----[ Quote ]
| Online IT job clearinghouse Dice Inc. has some interesting statistics
| to accompany LinuxWorld. As of August 1, there were 7,000 jobs
| opportunities on Dice.com for technology professionals with Linux
| experience. This is up 35.6 percent from the beginning of the year
| and 55 percent higher than 12 months ago, the service reports.


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