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[News] Time to Move the Parents to Linux

Why you should switch your parents pc to ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| About a month ago my mother called and asked if I could help her
| with a problem on her computer that I build and installed for her.
| The computer reacted slowly to her input and was opening unknown
| websites for no reason. It was immediately clear that some sort of
| spyware or even worse virus or trojan was responsible for this
| behavior. She was really desperate and I began to scan the
| system immediately.
| [...]
| I'm not a linux pro but I was able to setup the system and install
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| everything (import mails and the like) in a matter of hours and
| teach my parents how to use their new system. It basically does
| the same but looks different, not much teaching had to be done
| to be honest.
| Another advantage is that the system seems to run faster than
| before. They have a Celeron Cpu with 256 megabytes of Ram and
| Windows seemed to be really slow compared to my own computer.
| I got rid of many power hungry services like indexing but
| that was obviously not enough. It simply feels faster with
| linux as the operating system.
| To sum it up:
|     * Windows is: less secure, slower, requires more administration
|     * Linux is: secure, faster, requires less administration



Yo Mamma Likes Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| My mom's become an evangelist to some of her friends. She told me
| that last week she and her lifelong friend had been on the phone
| talking about how they love their new Ubuntu systems and comparing
| cool features they've discovered. I think it's fair to say that
| Linux has come home.


Xandros Desktop 4.0

,----[ Conclusion ]
| Xandros 4 is a difficult distribution to form an opinion about,
| simply because it is so contradictory in nature. It outshines any
| other distribution when it comes to Windows compatibility, and it has
| the best file manager of any distribution I've ever seen. The installation
| is easy, and the hardware recognition is outstanding, and having my
| bcm43xx chipset work right out of the box is very, very welcome. The
| downsides, however, are not to be downplayed. The distribution looks
| like used toiletpaper, the amount of applications in Xandros Networks
| is too small, and the security center can be annoying.
| Is your grandmother still running Windows 9x/ME? If so, Xandros 4 might
| be a perfect choice, as it gives them a solid Linux distribution,
| which will play nice with all their Windows files and even programs
| (through Crossover Office). The inclusion of Versora also facilitates
| the switch.
| However, for more experienced users like you (I guess?) and me, Xandros
| is simply not the best distribution you can get.


Ubuntu for your grandmother.

,----[ Quote ]
| They say its for geeks, they say its for nerds, they say its for those
| whose pinkie finger has the imprint of the enter key tattooed on it. We
| say its for your grandmother ! Yes my friends, I kid you not, for all
| of those who are afraid to dip their little toe into the great Linux-Lake
| let us reassure you : If your grandmother can do it ? So can you. Before
| we start , let me clarify : We are not talking about turning your
| Linux machine into a clustered database server with SQL, PHP, Apache,
| Samba and what have you. We are talking about the advantages of using
| Linux .. as a desktop.


Desktop Adapted for Dad

,----[ Quote ]
| I set my father's computer up with a GNU/Linux operating system. One
| basic feature of Linux is that each user has their own login to the
| system, and normally you do not login to the system as the super-user.
| This limits what my father is able to do on the system as he is not the
| super-user. To my surprise my father was delighted that he was restricted
| in that way, because then he knows that he cannot break the system by
| accident.
| To conclude I would say that my experience with my father and other
| inexperienced computer users convinces me that the modern desktop software
| is not obvious but that with basic training it is very easy to use. I
| firmly believe that anyone can use a computer, but it is essential that
| users have a properly configured desktop suitable for their use, as one
| size does not fit all.


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