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Re: Sell Google Stocks before they crash!

__/ [Wallstreet-Cockpit] on Sunday 29 January 2006 11:46 \__

> Dear Traders,
> One thing is fore sure, good value stocks will never fall like Amazon.com
> or Yahoo! during the perfect storm of the internet hype.
> To give you a small hint about Google, you have to look at the heavy
> insider trading in this stock. Stocks with the value of more than 15
> Billion US-Dollar have been sold by insiders since beginning of November.
> That´s nearly a whopping 10 % of the market capitalization. If you are
> owning Google-Stocks sell them as soon as possible, because the stock
> should be soon ready for a heavy decline.
> Even the presidents of the company sold stocks worth more than 2 Billion
> US-Dollar and they are intending so sell more. Even if the stock would go
> higher it will be getting worse for those who join this party at the end.
> Yours sincerly
> Artur P. Schmidt
> Read more on: http://www.unternehmercockpit.com
> and see the heavy insider trading at:
> http://www.wissensnavigator.com/documents/INSIDERVERKAEUFEGOOGLE.xls

Well predicted, whoever you are. 19% drop during after hours last night. Now
if only we sold short.


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