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Re: IE7: Scary Stuff, Already

__/ [DelphiDude] on Wednesday 01 February 2006 21:09 \__

> On Thu, 02 Feb 2006 01:40:37 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> "But browser testers may already be at risk, according to security
>> researcher Tom Ferris. Late Tuesday, Ferris released details of a
>> potential security flaw in IE 7. An attacker could exploit the flaw by
>> crafting a special Web page that could be used to crash the browser or
>> gain complete control of a vulnerable system, Ferris said in an advisory
>> on his Web site. Microsoft had no immediate comment on Ferris' alert."
> I enjoyed the reports of the IE7 beta coming with the notice that it was
> not to be used for serious or production work, which is correct info for a
> beta.  But when the testers installed it, it replaced IE6 which you can't
> get back because as we all know, IE cannot be separated from the OS so
> there is no need to make it available as a download or separate install
> item.  (They even swore to that in a court of law, remember?)
> Microsoft's track record being what it is, I am surprised that it doesn't
> hunt down and remove Firefox and other pesky products.
> DD

Microsoft used to identify Firefox as spyware (or the likes of it) for a
short period of time and also suggest its removal. I am not sure if the
commotion had detection and severities changed.

Some of us choose to remember the time when Microsoft took over that Bonzi
c**p and then ceased to identify it as undesirable intrusive software. Such
detections have their interest set by the vendor, not the client. Wait until
they become permanent anti-virus engineers. They could spread viruses
(virii) for a living, all due to conflicting interests.


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