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Re: Web sites, controversy and cyber thugs

__/ [Matt Probert] on Monday 06 February 2006 15:17 \__

> After the recent protest and killings by peace loving Muslims after
> the publication of satirical cartoons depicting the merciful, kind and
> wonderful prophet Mohamed, as anything but, in a Danish newspaper and
> subsequently other newspapers one must wonder about publishing
> controversial material on web sites.
> Our own site publishes a picture of an old painting of the prophet
> Mohamed drawing his sword "ready to smite down the unbelievers", as he
> was always depicted in Muslim art. I wonder if I shall be the target
> for peace-loving loving Muslims now? or whether I should doctor the
> image and replace the sword with a daffodil (with apologies to the
> Welsh) ? Or should I censor the information I provide, acknowledging
> to the Jews (et al) that about 60 years ago some Germans did some
> rather unpleasant things, but in defference to the German people not
> talking about it lest they feel aggrieved?
> Should web publishers, like the newspaper pioneers that went before
> us, shout the battle cry  "publish and be damned!", or should we
> respect the feelings of people who may be distressed by the
> publication of informaton they find insulting? And instead stick to
> pages about cuddly kittens and cute koalas?
> Matt

I personally try to abstain from writing (sometimes even quoting) anything
whatsoever about political matters. It is too controversial and prone to
outcry. It could also give motived for DDOS attacks.

There was a handful of circumstances in the past where I perceived it as a
duty to spread peaceful words, but  referrals to my site did not arrive from
places I had in mind. The content was read or even used out of context, I

>From my rather bitter experience, you are better off steering away from
religious and political content, to the degree which you find reasonable. I
still delve quite deep into that domain which is sometimes known as software
politics or O/S religion, but it's an entirely different situation which
never (rarely) leads to incitement. I have never come across homicide which
was driven by keybinding that had led to collisions (based on a recent


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