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Re: Google may strike big deal with Dell

__/ [Sinister Midget] on Tuesday 07 February 2006 18:24 \__

> http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=29544
>    DELL wants to strike a deal with Google to put its software on PCs
>    when they ship, the Wall Street Journal reported.
>    And, the article said, Dell may pay Google as much as $1 billion to
>    bundle the software over the next three years.
>    If the discussions succeed, it's an interesting follow on from the
>    Dell UK wing, which bundles Firefox with new computers.

What bothers me the most about such deals is that they involve the Windows
operating system in isolation, quite surely. Why? Because Google's top
priority when it comes to software distrobution is Windows. Google may use
Linux for their in-house desktops (Ubuntu) and server rooms
(heavily-customised Debian, I suspect), but they are driven by markets that
have highest profits to offer.

What does this mean in practice? Dell receive money from Google, which in
turn lowers the cost of the workstation. Similar deal were struck with AV
vendors. The implication? Linux from Dell might continue to be as expensive
as (if not "more expensive than", as in the case of the Open PC) its Windows
counterpart. Do you find that disturbing? It's called advertising.
Apparently, an ad-free O/S entails a cost, which comes in the form of lack
of discounts. Being channelled to software (being a mouse in a maze), is
something you get paid to be. If you are not pleased with this, avoid Dell.

Again, avoid Dell. Until they prove to be market-wise ethical and offer more
diversity (recently started with AMD, so be optimistic).


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