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Re: Being Unbanned By Google And Needing Meta-tags

__/ [SEO Newbie] on Wednesday 08 February 2006 18:15 \__

> Hello,
> My site, http://www.DebtResolutionExperts.com, was banned by Google. Being
> my own (amateur) webmaster, I believe that I had too many keywords and not
> enough text explaining the programs that I was offering.
> I've altered my site so that Google can't consider anything on it to
> constitute spamming.
> Does anyone have Google's e-mail addy to which I should direct my request
> to be unbanned?
> Further, how long does it usually take for a site to be unbanned?
> Lastly, my site lacks meta-tags. When I used WebSpawner.com for a different
> business, the Google-bot visited almost daily at about 2 am Eastern (North
> America). Some of the meta-tags that WebSpawner.com automatically provided
> were, for instance,
> <META NAME="distribution" CONTENT="global">
> <META NAME="copyright" CONTENT="Copyright 2006  .  All Rights Reserved.">
> <META NAME="revisit-after" CONTENT="31 days">
> I would be most appreciative if those knowledgeable in SEO would visit my
> site and then post exactly what my meta-tags should be so that the bot will
> visit it on a frequent basis, assuming that I'm unbanned.
> Thanks in advance!
> Martin

I am sorry to hear about your mishap. You were probably pushing things to the
edge in the process of optimising -- but worse -- you neglected the need to
serve human users while doing so. It is not just a matter of angering search
engines, which in turn have an agenda: refer surfer to sites that they find
most useful. That should always serve as a red flag to you, but worry not
because you can be re-included.


"Now where should you send a reinclusion request? This has changed in the
last few months from an email address to a web form. The best location to go
is http://www.google.com/support/bin/request.py . You can select ?I?m a
webmaster inquiring about my website? and then select ?Why my site
disappeared from the search results or dropped in ranking.? Click Continue,
and on the page that shows up, make sure to type ?Reinclusion Request? in
the Subject: line of the resulting form. Upper- or lower-case doesn?t
matter, but make sure you use the words ?reinclusion request? in the subject
line so it gets routed to the right place.

Whichever change you make to your site that might entail benefit from an
SEO-perspective, ask yourself: will it further /assist/ the surfer? Will it
/detract/ from the site? If the answer is that SEO is sole motive, begin to

With kind regards,


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