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Re: Australian Parliament live on the net

__/ [netvegetable] on Thursday 09 February 2006 02:10 \__

> But only if you have "Microsoft Windows Media Player".
> http://www.aph.gov.au/live/webcast2.asp#

Have you complained to them yet? If you don't, they will never learn. I used
to do the same with a bank, only to find out that others made similar
complaints which put a lot of pressure on both the support people and the
body as a whole. The last thing they want is an offended front-line person
that leaves, as well as bad publicity in the press.

__/ [netvegetable] added on Thursday 09 February 2006 04:09 \__

> F#$% them! Why can't the bastards make it more accessible?

This is often the result of narrow-minded IT education. Judging by the URL,
which indicates Microsoft Windows runs the Web site, I am not surprised, to
say the least. Everybody including the MI6 and FBI knows that Linux server
surpass their Windows counterpart in terms of security and performance.

> Why are they, in effect, telling us that we have to use Microsoft Windows?
> My taxes are going to subsidising the Microsoft corporation!

Indeed. That server infrastructure can be rather pricy.

Best wishes,


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