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Re: Ideal Page size

__/ [Daniah] on Thursday 09 February 2006 13:56 \__

> What should be the ideal page size in KB should be for search engines
> to crawl my sites easily. If the site is heavy with graphics and text
> then spiders will not crawl my site as it loads slowly. I am confused..

Let's distinguish between 3 things here:

1. Crawlers

2. Image crawlers

3. Visitors

(1) will mind your page (HTML, PHP, PL and the like) size, which only
includes the amount of text and markup.

(2) will visit less frequently and pick up known file formats, e.g. JPG,
JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc.

(3) will see stylesheets (if any available), plus all of the above (including
more media).

Make sure your pages are viewable to visitors, who have a degree of
/patience/. Make the graphics as small as possible without losing quality.
Choose the right formats.

Make your pages as long as they need be and separate (fragmentation)
depending on meaningful 'chunks'. Use headings. Avoid clumsy and artificial
breakdown into sections (pages) as search engines, as well as users,
detect/see *context*. You must remain consistent to avoid confusion (users)
or suspicion of spam (automated means, e.g. crawlers).

Hope it helps,


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