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Re: Even Microsoft Should Be Cut From Google Results For Cheating

__/ [Mark Kent] on Thursday 09 February 2006 16:29 \__

> begin  oe_protect.scr
> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> __/ [Au79] on Wednesday 08 February 2006 06:07 \__
>>> http://cwflyris.computerworld.com/t/283848/388984/8303/0/
>> It's been reincluded already. You're might be syndicating an old news
>> channel. Same with richo.de , which got warned in advance and never
>> suffered the damaging PR (both PageRank and Public Relations) blow.
> Shouldn't google be fixing their search engine, rather than trying to do
> this kind of thing?

It can never come to an end. Even if Google parsed, ran, and analysed
JavaScript for known patterns, SEO experts would pull out a new trick out of
their sleeve. I write about a dozen posts/day to the SEO newsgroup, so I am
aware many other tricks that exist to fooling search engines and. It is only
a matter of /daring/.

Organic content cannot easily be distinguished from meaningful content and
the very fact that Google became the shopper's reference drives businesses
embrace whatever dirty technique they can afford without penalties. It often
becomes like a game that involves 5-year-olds, where one company tops
another in the search results owing to questionable practices. In turn, its
competition will follow suit and the rock starts rolling down the hill until
Google gets bad reputation for tolerating content spam. Then it takes
action, which deters other companies.

BMW and Ricoh were the scapegoats. Mind you, Microsoft uses the exact same



Microsoft have a whole bunch of imo low quality doorway pages that redirect
and have stuffed keywords randomly into unrelated paragraphs. Either a. they
have Googles permission or b. They are extracting the urine (taking the

Their pages break at least 2 of googles guidelines (doorway pages with
redirects, stuffed keywords ...).

Do a search for "Broadcast automation India", "Hosting management Australia"
or "Education software Asia". Right at the top (at least from my german ip)
You will find pages such as

Check out that page with javascript turned off :shock:

At the top of each page they have as graphic text (to help with keyword
density no doubt) the following...

"This site has been designed to help our visitors finding directly the
information, product or service they searching in our websites"

That translates into english to... "This page is a doorway page specifically
designed for search engines"


My 2 cents.

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