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Re: Should google Penalize this or not ??

__/ [JimD] on Thursday 09 February 2006 16:39 \__

>>Some companies can use graphics to cloak the infamous
> white-over-white trick.
> How about the alt tags on the graphics on this site?
> http://www.fren chcaribbe an.com/
> How does one grass someone up?
> JimD

At the bottom:

"French Caribbean / St. Barts Villa Rental Hotels / St. Barthelemy Villa
Rental Hotels / St. Martin Villa Rental Hotels / St. Barth Private Villa
Rental Hotels / St. Barths Villa Rental Hotels / Guadeloupe Hotels /
Vacation Rentals / Martinique Hotels / Caribbean Map / Carribean Villas /
Les Saintes Hotels / Iles des Saintes Hotels / Marie-Galante Hotels / French
West Indies Hotels Lodging / Saint Barthelemy / Saint Barts / Saint Martin /
Villa Rental Hotels / les Antilles"

I think their viewable spam is worse than that which the alt tags contain. I
have seen alt tags used to detect (design) plagiarism, but it's also an SEO
loophole, I guess. It comes down to the question: how much repeatability can
a search engine tolerate? Where does it set a threshold? Ricoh and BMW were
only scapegoats to create a scare.


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