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Re: Anti-Virus

__/ [Linønut] on Thursday 09 February 2006 17:05 \__

> After takin' a swig o' grog, Roy Schestowitz belched out this bit o'
> wisdom:
>> __/ [mlw] on Thursday 09 February 2006 16:28 \__
>>> Could someone call a consumer protection agency or something?

I believe that Symantec filed a lawsuit (or something to the effect) over a
month ago when plans was initially announced. The arguments might be
different, however, because to them it is a case of a vendor they protect
taking food out of their mouths.

>>> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/02/08/windows_antivirus_protection/
>>> This is so bogus. Microsoft makes a product so defective that a whole
>>> industry exists to fix and secure it.
>>> Rather than FIX THEIR DAMN PRODUCT, they continue to sell the defective
>>> software and now sell a subscription to software that fixes their
>>> defects.
>> Microsoft have learned a lesson or two from your typical garage.
> Yeah, but you can always go to another garage.
> I think Microsoft should be forced to open up their software so that
> competing versions of Windows can be written.  May the best Windows win.
> Critical infrastructure should not be dependent on a sole-source vendor.

I personally don't believe it should be tied to a vendor. Caching of Web
sites is another matter, but it can sometimes go too far:


   (that's gonna cost Webmasters, too)

Web search is probably worth a thread of its own.


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