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Re: Linux on the Laptop, from Hewlett Packard

__/ [rex.ballard@xxxxxxxxx] on Friday 10 February 2006 00:51 \__

> And if they run Linux in South Africa, there's a pretty good chance
> that even though they are sold with Windows XP in the U.S., they will
> be able to run Linux here as well.  And probably with very little
> effort.

I can envision Americans asking their uncle from SA to grab one of those
babies on the next flight across the Atlantic. I occasionally see Brits who
bought a computer from a Linux laptop vendor in the States. The only issue
is the helpline (support). In the UK, I am only aware of one large (and very
lively) vendor that sells AMD and Intel laptops /without/ an operating
system: Novatech.

That first milestone in SA should provide HP with a case study. It will get
them in posession of a fully-working and properly-tested boxed laptop. Once
they extend availability to cover other parts of the world, the price of
such laptop would drop further. The initial investment in development and
testing would no longer be a factor.


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