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Re: Firefox keep alive extension?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
__/ [The Natural Philosopher] on Friday 10 February 2006 11:26 \__

I apologize for not finding a better place to put this but here goes.

I spend much of my days at a computer screen, multi-tasking between
various things, one of which is keeping a fairly close watch - every
half hour or so - on a web site that displays more or less real time
stock prices.

"Real time", you say? There is a lag with most of them...

Not the ones I use actively..;-)
What would be nice is to fire a bunch of different data/post requests and assemble from that a real time portfolio view...cheaper than Bloombergs...

The trouble is that the site I use to deal with, and mindful of
security, they log me out after ten minutes of inactivity.

How pleasant.


What I really really need - is some kind of firefox extension, that I
could in principle say 'see where I am, watch what I do and record it,
and keep doing it every 5 minutes till I tell you to stop'

Such a thing would be worryingly insecure. You want a kind of a macro robot,
which I believe you will have a hard time finding.

Mmm. Is it writable though?

Security is my worry really...in the sense I don't expect it to be an issue..there's only me here, and if I don't login, then no valid cookie would be present.

To be restricted to one URL, and one URL alone, strictly...
In essence a robotic click on one part of the screen is all I need.

Surely someone else has written one? Yet extensive searches revealed none...

If I had a clue about java or a week to spend getting clued I'd write
one..anyone else have the requisite code at their fingertips? Or care to
point me at it?

At first I thought that what you need is a page refresher with the ability to
grab page content and aggregate it. I later thought about the various
extensions in existence, which refresh the browser or a tab. I am also
assuming that you need the browser cookie in place, so 'wget' is merely out
of the question. The only operating which I think you are permitted to do is
grab a screenshot using 'import' and the like. To actually manoeuvre the
mouse and keyboard triggers, perhaps you would need some morbid box with a
broken kernel. Then again, I might be wrong altogether.

Mmm. I suppose I could hack a browser at source code level..

Its almost a question of refreshing the thing..that takes me to a default screen, but at least its only a button click to the one I would want..

Hope my random thoughts help somehow,

Somewhat, but not hugely. ;-)


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