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Re: No decent Tetris games for Palm OS? (Treo 650)

__/ [Raheen Ballard] on Saturday 31 December 2005 10:06 \__

> Hi!  Just got my Treo 650 (and loving it!).  I've been searching for days,
> but have only found ONE real Tetris game, the Tetris Classic Pac, and it
> looks worse than the one from the NES back in the 80's!  Granted, it's
> older
> version, but the graphics just look plain bad!  I'm assuming the one from
> the Cingular (my provider) website wouldn't work on a Treo, so does anyone
> know of any better solutions?  Thanks!
> (Please reply to the group in case anyone else is interested...it is the
> best time-killing game of all time, which is why i'm surprised there's not
> a ton of QUALITY versions!)

Tetris is Tetris and is often 2-D. Do you want to skin it? If so, to what
extent and what would be the benefit? Regardless:


Best wishes,

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