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Re: Finding the right partner . . .

__/ [Constance Pierce] on Saturday 14 January 2006 17:59 \__

> Ok, this may sound like a silly question . . .  my company is getting
> bigger and bigger and I feel the need for someone to join me who has
> complementary skills (more dgital/web based). So my question to my
> ever-so-esteemed colleagues here is this: How do you find a partner?

Recruitment agents? Advertisement (in local groups/forums)?

> I realize that's like asking "how do I find the mate of my dreams?" but
> hopefully, not quite as esoteric. I'm in an area that's not exaclty the
> design mecca of the western world (most common graphic design
> discipline is screen printing), so just happening upon another designer
> is like sport-fishing in the Dead Sea.

Best to work with someone whom you have known for a long time and evolved
with as a professional. Newcomers are a gamble in my humble opinion.

> But I'm looking for another seasoned designer locally - I'm going to
> rent some office space at the end of the year and I have two hi-quality
> workstations (PC and Mac, with the possiblity of a second Mac) and
> enough to furniture (desks, file cabinets, etc) to choke an elephant. I
> don't want to rent a large space unless I have someone to share it (and
> help pay the rent).

It is possible to collaborate with someone even without geographical
proximity. However, clearly what you seek is described in the next

> It's very fertile ground here, though, what with all the real estate
> companies and BIG developers. Not to mention all of the regular
> non-tourist businesses. So I want to expand, but I can't do it alone.
> Too, I feel the need to to interact with another designer (up close and
> personal-like). I can FEEL my creativity dying from having no peers
> near by.

If what you seek if flattery and re-assurance, this means that
self-motivation is the issue.

> Any suggestions?? MUCH appreciation in advance!!
> Connie

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