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[News] Linux Gets Things Done More Easily

Home built CD changer contraption

,----[ Quote ]
| The software for this gadget is relatively simple.  I wrote a simple
| command line driven program that sequences the machine through picking a
| CD from the tray and dropping it in the middle, and piking up a CD from
| the stack on the left, and dropping it in the tray.  The software also
| has some manual controls, which I use for debugging and aligning the
| machine.  It does do direct I/O to the printer port.  under Linux, this
| is easy to do if the program runs as root.  Under Windows NT/2000/XP,
| this is much more difficult.  But the machine that this is hooked up
| to runs Linux anyway, so no issue there.  Source code: changer.c
| The rest is done by cdrecord.  cdrecord is a suite of command line
| driven CD authoring programs.  Obviously, the cd recording has to be
| done from command line, so that it is possible to run it in batch mode
| from shell scripts.  Comes standard with Linux distributions.  To my
| surprise, I found it also runs under Windows, provided that you have an
| ASPI driver.  It even worked with my HP 8200 USB cd burner!  So the
| whole setup could be run under Windows as well, although getting at
| the printer port is much harder.


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