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[News] Digital Maoism

Something for the Trolls to Read

It's from The Edge, so it will be very philosophical...

,----[ Quote ]
| Here I must take a moment to comment on Linux and similar efforts. The
| various formulations of "open" or "free" software are different from
| the Wikipedia and the race to be most Meta in important ways. Linux
| programmers are not anonymous and in fact personal glory is part of
| the motivational engine that keeps such enterprises in motion. But
| there are similarities, and the lack of a coherent voice or design
| sensibility in an esthetic sense is one negative quality of both
| open source software and the Wikipedia.
| ---
| These are just a few ideas about how to train a potentially dangerous
| collective and not let it get out of the yard. When there's a problem,
| you want it to bark but not bite you.
| The illusion that what we already have is close to good enough, or
| that it is alive and will fix itself, is the most dangerous illusion
| of all. By avoiding that nonsense, it ought to be possible to find a
| humanistic and practical way to maximize value of the collective on
| the Web without turning ourselves into idiots. The best guiding
| principle is to always cherish individuals first. 


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