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Re: Winmodem in SuSE

__/ [ Matan ] on Saturday 11 March 2006 10:30 \__

> Hi everyone!
> I am having problem with internal modem in my Toshiba laptop....
> The reason I am writing here is because nobody wants to help me....the only
> answer is "google" and trust me that I tried everything, but I just cant
> make this modem work!
> So please, if anyone of you had the same problem in the past, please,
> please just give me the link or some kind step-by-step procedure.
> I tried with ungrab-winmodem script but always something goes wrong.....I
> have installed smartlink-softmodem drivers.
> But I am unable to create that slamr modul...always some error comes up!
> So please help me with it....I'm going crazy....If somebody would be so
> generous to help me, and don't want to do that thru here, feel free to
> contact me on my e-mail address: matawww@xxxxxxxxx
> Thank you for your advices, tips and recommendations in advance!
> Here is c/p of a scan modem script if it's gonna help.
> linux:~ # cd '/home/matan/Desktop'
> linux:/home/matan/Desktop # ./scanModem
> UPDATE=2006_March_07
> ONLY use scanModem downloaded as:
> http://linmodems.technion.ac.il/packages/scanModem.gz
> ./scanModem should ONLY be run within a Linux/UNIX partition.
> If within a MicroSoft/DOS partition, abort with Ctrl-C now !!!
> Copy scanModem.gz to your Linux partition and restart.
> PCIBUS=00:1f.6
> Providing detail for device at 00:1f.6
> with vendor-ID:device-ID
> ----:----
> Class 0703: 8086:2486 Modem: Intel Corporation 82801CA/CAM AC'97 Modem
> Controller (rev 02) (prog-if 00 [Generic])
> SubSystem 1179:0001 Toshiba America Info Systems Toshiba Satellite 1110 Z15
> internal Modem
> Flags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 0, IRQ 11
> -----PCI_IDs------- --CompilerVer-
> Feature List: Primary Subsystem Distr KernelVer kernel default CPU
> ./scanModem test 8086:2486 1179:0001 SuSE 2.6.13-15-default 4.0.2 4.0.2
> i686 From records, 1179:0001 has soft modem codec type SIL27
> The following two Root commands should set up the modem.
> modprobe snd-intel8x0m
> slmodemd --alsa -c YOUR_COUNTRY modem:1
> Get the SLMODEMD.gcc4.tar.gz from
> http://linmodems.technion.ac.il/packages/smartlink/
> The controller: 8086:2486 82801CA/CAM ICH3
> is capable of supporting soft modem chips from AT LEAST manufacturers:
> Pctel
> AgereSystems
> Conexant
> Intel
> Smartlink
> Extended modem ID: codec=1 LIN1
> The Subsystem has an Agere Systems codec SIL27
> SuSE has a slamr driver. Please run the diagnostic:
> # su - root
> # modprobe slamr
> # dmseg | grep slamr
> and report the results to discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Read Modem/Slmodem.txt for details.
> A subfolder Modem/ has been written, containing these files with more
> detailed Information:
> --------------
> 1stRead.txt DriverCompiling.txt InfoGeneral.txt ModemData.txt Rational.txt
> Slmodem-ALSA.txt Slmodem.txt SoftModem.txt Testing.txt UNSUBSCRIBE.txt
> YourSystem.txt
> ---------------
> Please read 1stRead.txt first for Guidance.
> linux:/home/matan/Desktop #

You are talking about a winmodem here. Have you considered a
peripheral/PCMCIA modem, which would save you a lot of hassle? Also, next
time you buy a laptop, ensure it is Linux-compatible. Put the horses before
the wagon. I am not suggesting that it's impossible to correct your issue
as-is, but I would recommend that you use your time more wisely and opt for
the right hardware. PCMCIA modems, as opposed to winmodems, are widely- and
well-supported by the Linnux kernel.

Sorry I could not offer a better answer. I tried.

Best wishes,


PS - this groups is mainly accommodated by German-speaking individuals. The
newsgroups you are probably after is: alt.os.suse.linux. Also, requests to
mail you off-list are usually frowned upon. They help perceive you as a
runway poster, a lurker or -- at worst -- a troll. Subject line modified to
become helpful.

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