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Re: To promote Open Source in Belgium, you need to be on Microsofts payroll ???

__/ [ Complain ] on Tuesday 14 March 2006 18:33 \__

> The engineer that promotes Open Source in the Northern (Flanders, 6
> million people) region of Belgium works part time for Microsoft and part
> time for the Ministry of Education.
> I feel these two jobs don't go together: I have nothing against
> commercial products, but it must be difficult to defend both at the same
> time.  I know this engineer works for Anytime Anywhere Learning
> (Microsoft  http://www.aal.be) and for
> http://vrijesoftware.klascement.net
> I filed a complaint to the Commission "Digital Flanders", and if you
> want to react, look on the page
> http://www.vlaamsparlement.be/Proteus4/p3app/jsppages/queryDetail.jsp?pQu
> eryId=400044
> You could mail the chief of this commisson, Patricia Ceysens, but of
> course, I like to hear about your actions too ....
> bluewhitenotthis@xxxxxxxxxxx

Microsoft employees have infested the planet and pretend that their
employer's aggressive behaviour can simply be ignored.

You can imagine how upset I am when conferences are organised and chaired by
Microsoft employyes that happen to do research, too. I need to communicate
with Microsoft employees to discuss a process of peer review. Must I also
forge my headers and disable PGP? It's a very uncomforting thought.

Best wishes,


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