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Re: British Survey Shows that Linux is Gaining Ground on Windows

On 2006-03-15, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> posted something concerning:
> ,----[ Quote ]
>| The days are over when Microsoft could rely on being the only
>| software platform in town. John Dwyer reports
>| Microsoft has a case to answer. When Quocirca sifted through 8000
>| IT professionals' responses to an online questionnaire last year, the
>| UK consultancy discovered deep unease with Microsoft?s Windows operating
>| system.
>| [...]
> `----
> Do read on:
> http://www.themanufacturer.com/britishindustry/content_page.html?article_id=559

   But the support comes at a price. Latham says some K3 sites moved to
   Linux when Microsoft increased its licence fees and introduced
   subscription charges. Some companies suddenly faced a huge increase
   ?  £10,000 to £15,000 a year ? that they hadn?t bargained for just
   to continue using their SQL databases, Exchange email software and
   other Microsoft code. And if they consulted a Microsoft help line,
   that cost extra.

You pay for software, you get garbage. You pay for support, you have to
pay more to really get any support(1).

No wonder Blammer isn't ashamed to act idiotic in public. As long as
His Buttcrustness spews out meaningless catch-phrases and the droolers
lap it up, those criminals can skin the "customers" (aka "marks")
without even trying to hide what they're doing.

(1) And that's most likely to be "Jerome" in Aurangabad, shooting the
breeze with you like a long-lost buddy, while you wait, and wait, and
wait for the umpteenth reboot to finish, knowing full well that several
reboots from now will leave you, at best, in the same condition you
were in before this all started.

How dare the government intervene to stifle innovation in the computer
industry! That's Microsoft's job, dammit!

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