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Re: More IE woes....

__/ [ Sinister Midget ] on Tuesday 21 March 2006 13:27 \__

> On 2006-03-21, William Poaster <wp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> posted something
> concerning:
>> For the winluvvies who insist on using Internet Exploder, "a collection of
>> security holes held together by browser code¡, yet another bug.
>> New bug can crash Internet Explorer
>> Just one more reason to switch to an OSS browser.
> The trouble is, that's almost like someone having no pants going out
> and finding a pocket. Yes, they have something to put things in. But
> they're _still_ nude, and their little pee-pees will continue to
> shrivel up when the temperature falls.
> To _really_ be safer, dump Wintripe completely and get with the
> program. Get the whole wardrobe, including a hat, coat and gloves.

There's more to [vulnerability news](TM) today. I believe there was another
important vulnerability and I have also come across this  Xbox 360 exploit:


Exploits brought to the gaming industry. Intriguing. Also in today's news, I
have read about their intent to enter IPTV:


Coming soon: "When TV's turn evil and take over your house"

Best wishes,


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