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Re: IBM Thinks Linux

__/ [ John Bailo ] on Wednesday 22 March 2006 07:38 \__

> Mathew P. wrote:
>> Should have seen that train coming :-> Microsoft and IBM are competing for
>> the same business, the difference being that IBM has integrated Linux in
>> it's whole server line to the exclusion of any other OS. Purely a business
>> decision, and corporately speaking, a very wise and far sighted one. It
>> just happens to be good thing for Linux as a side effect.

Integration of Linux in the whole server line is a new fact to me. This
reminds me of an oddity, which I read about this morning: GoDaddy moving
their core hosting from Linux to Windows, which they said was financially
viable. Most moves are in the other direction, much like the OpenOffice
migration, which has proven time and time again to entail huge savings (the
French recently said that OOo was 150 cheaper than MS Office).

> I just got a call from an IBM rep today.  He was letting me know that my
> Iseries were becoming legacied this year.  The new model is the I-520 (I
>   joked that sounded strangely like the route number from Seattle to
> Redmond).
> I checked the product web site and its all Linux, Linux, Linux.

This explains Microsoft's initiative to eradicate IBM. Gates fears IBM more
than he fears Google. I was tempted to ask about this at the end of the
session, but it would have taken the discussion off-topic and mention
"Micro*" for the first time.

Best wishes,


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