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Re: Why Linux is Easier to Use than Mac OS X or Windows

[More replying to Sandman than to Roy]
Roy Schestowitz wrote:

__/ [ Sandman ] on Sunday 26 March 2006 20:15 \__
* Easier to Customize

Easier to customize doesn't actually equate to easier to use.

It does. I like it when window focus follows mouse. Let us say I have always done that. How can I ever cope with windows (assuming no hackware)? Will it make it easier for me to use the environment in a way which is predictable _to me_? No. The vendor makes such decisions arrogantly and leaves no choice or neglects further implementation.

I have my window focus set to follow mouse (which ever window last had mouse over it gets the focus). I alsways have problems with keyboard entries going into the wrong window when I have to use Windwos which offers me no configuration option. Thus, without being easy to customise to *WHAT I WANT* (and /not/ what MS says I want), it is harder to use.

Also, having the focused window always on top is a pain I could do without in Windwos; how do I configure that in Win 98 (the version I have to suffer and refuse to downgrade as the machine can't take anything later, and all the legacy software I have to run runs under it).

* Huge Support Community

Because it needs lots of support?

I'd rather have community support for anything over a monopoly support who can charge what they like...besides, what do you do when the monopoly support fails? Reload and hope the problem goes away; with a community, there is a much greater chance that someone else has had a similar problem, or can advise.

Oh, by the way, how much Comumunity support do you think Windwos actually has? You'll find it's probably just as high, just most people don't think of all the hours friends spend helping them with their Windwos as the supplier support isn't exactly much cop/mega expensive anyway.

* Installing Apps

Unless you want the latest version, or a commercial application. :)

That offers an extra 10 or so features of which you may use 1 or 2, but can easily do without, but which you need to get because someone else is a "must haver" and has got the latest version even though they don't use the extra features, but sends you data in the new, non-backward compatable, proprietery format.

* There is a Distro for Everything

But not one distro for everything? :)

Just like Windwos then...there's Home Distro, Pro Distro, Server Distro...and Vista is supposed to have 6 (or was it more) Distro's.

However with Linux Distro's, you'll usually get much more than you [initially] need, but it'll be there in case you do decide to branch out...Win 98 came with a personal Web server, but I seem to remember it was rather limited in what it could/would allow you to do, but most Linux distro's come with Apache - a full blown web server with few, if any, restrictions.
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