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Re: 10-headed Linux Setup Saves Libraries


On Tue, 28 Mar 2006 18:14:40 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

>> We're due to have one of their four head systems installed at the Portneuf
>> District Library in Idaho. This follows on the successful deployment of
>> Mandrake Linux on the public access internet computers last year - a VERY
>> successful deployment, I might add. No complaints in over a year, and a
>> recent customer satisfaction survey showed universal acceptance and
>> revealed that several patrons were unaware they were not running MS.
>                                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Is this /truly/ the test for success? It leaves me with a bad taste in the
> mouth.

No; the test for success is whether it works well enough to keep the users
happy.  Why the bit above matters is simply to demonstrate that, despite
the incessant whining of the Wintrolls, Linux is not as hard to use as
they keep trying to tell us... and in fact can be so easy that people
aren't even aware of it *as Linux*; they just sit down to it and use it,
unaware it's not what they've been using all along.

In the end, that should be the goal of an OS, a software installer, and
several other classes of software; to be effectively invisible, so the
user simply is not aware of them _at all_.  Linux, in that situation,
managed; hence it deserves its kudos.

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