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Re: Disappointment with Linux

__/ [ The Ghost In The Machine ] on Thursday 30 March 2006 15:58 \__

> In comp.os.linux.advocacy, billwg
> <billw@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>  wrote
> on Thu, 30 Mar 2006 14:01:59 GMT
> <rxRWf.101997$Fw6.37260@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:e0gmbv$aae$3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>I am very disappointed with Linux installers. Disappointed because they
>>> become so intervention-free. They make me feel like a boor. They ask
>>> which
>>> language I speak because they cannot read my mind. Sometimes, they
>>> make me
>>> feel special; they ask me to swap CD's.
>>> Linux has no future. It offers no challenges anymore. It's only for
>>> those
>>> idiots who just want things to always work...
>> But they are too late to the market, roy.  Windows has been in that mode
>> for over 10 years now and no one needs linux for anything.
> Except servers, apparently.  How did that phrasing for NT go?
> Ah, that's it.  "Unix killer".
> I'll admit to ambivalence but Linux is killing the proprietary
> Unices much more effectively than a certain offering from a
> Redmond company ever did.  (Of course the proprietary Unices
> will simply embrace the penguin, turning into free Unices, or
> at least Unices with a substantial amount of freeware, in an
> effort to cut development costs.)

"33.6% of servers sold in Q4 2005 were Windows servers"

Linux servers generated $1.6 bln in quarterly revenue, the 14th consecutive
quarter of double-digit growth, with YTY revenue growth of 20.8%.

< http://blogs.zdnet.com/ITFacts/?p=10325 >

> So now Windows 2003 Server Edition merely has to kill of all the
> Linux servers out there.

Windows server has serious issues. A delay was announced yesterday, so it
will be ready no earlier than 2007. Windows 2003 Server was the developers'
codebase for Vista as of September 2005, which means that Vista is Windows
2003 Server plus roughly 6 months of development work (feature freeze ATM)
and some new components like IE7 and Aero Glass on top. Boy, I can't wait to
see Service Pack III. Earlier this year, Microsoft indeed proclaimed that
Service Pack III for XP will be released in 2007 (no kidding! I could find
the reference).

Best wishes,


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