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Re: Disappointment with Linux

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [ Grug ] on Thursday 30 March 2006 19:38 \__
> > Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> >> I am very disappointed with Linux installers. Disappointed because they
> >> have become so intervention-free. They make me feel like a boor. They ask
> >> which language I speak because they cannot read my mind. Sometimes, they
> >> make me feel special; they ask me to swap CD's.
> >>
> >> Linux has no future. It offers no challenges anymore. It's only for those
> >> idiots who just want things to always work...
> >
> > I wish Linux made me feel like a 'boor'.  Instead, I need to hunt for
> > audio, video, printing, and a whole bunch of other drivers that need to
> > be updated... then I need to figure out how to actually do it without
> > recompiling the kernel.  Then, of course, you need to get support out
> > there on the Net cause Linux installs always have nagging problems
> > afterwards.
> You are posing this from Windows via a highly notorious tool [1], so what
> gives you the credentials to qualitatively assess Linux?

What gives anybody here 'credentials' to post in an advocacy group?

> Which distributions
> have you tried?

RedHat Linux 5.0 and 6.0
Mandrake (can't remember the version, was a few years back)
Fedora core 3 and 4.
Ubuntu (the latest) on both x86 and my Mac Mini.

> I imagine you gave the Linux learning curve (e.g. directory
> structure, analogous applications) no more then 5 minutes before calling it
> quits.

Wrong assumption - I still have Ubuntu running.

> > Don't worry, you'll be very *happy* with Linux installs.  They offer
> > some most complex problems for everyone, and some that just can't be
> > solved.  That should keep you busy and happy!
> Unfortunately, yes and no. I get no challenges when it comes to maintaining
> the system and *yes*, it keeps me very busy. With a 20,000 pixel-wide
> desktop fully-loaded with in-progress work (papers, poster, music) I have
> too much in my hands. The underlying existence of Linux is totally
> transparent to me, so *yes*, I rarely get that reboot which permits me to
> get coffee and rest. Up for 3 weeks over here, up for 120 days at home (and
> counting).

I turn my machines off to conserve energy and precious resources - I
don't understand the fascination of keeping your machine on as long as
120 days... it's just wasting energy.

On the other hand, my Windows Server (2003) running my web site, email,
and my game server :) has been up for almost 4-5 months now... I only
reboot to install that latest accumulated patches.  It has never failed
on me once for anything.

> Your opinions, as expressed above, are wishful thinking.


The myriads of problems I have had with Linux are not opinions at all,
but rather *facts*.  They *did* happen, and they *did* waste a ton of
my time.

> They
> reflect nothing on the truth unless the truth is that which resides in you
> mind is is baseless owing to inexperience.

Well, Linux installs have usually been fairly painful for me, and I
have tried a few.  No, I haven't tried them all - nor will I.

Ubuntu has been the best so far, but the default drivers didn't take
advantage of all the features that Windows XP does.  So you still have
to go and hunt for better drivers even with Ubuntu (or settle for less
functionality or performance).

> [1] The Usenet Improvement Project: http://blinkynet.net/comp/uip5.html
> --
> Roy S. Schestowitz
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