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Re: Google in The Dalles--what's up?

__/ [ NullBock ] on Sunday 14 May 2006 14:05 \__

> So Google's been building a shop in The Dalles, Oregon for well over a
> year now.  They purchased at least 30 acres of land bordering the
> Columbia, and broke ground last year.  They've got a couple large
> corrugated-tin buildings up already, and one building with 20-foot-high
> cooling stacks on top, running full steam since months.

Yes, but what does that have to do with this technical, search
engine-inclined newsgroup? Don't you know that Google are no longer "all
about search", despite what they said to the media last week? So, let's talk
search engines. *smile*

> Why they chose The Dalles has been the subject of some debate.  Several
> reasons have been put forward: dirt-cheap and abundant electricity (The
> Dalles has its very own hydroelectric dam); massive available bandwidth
> (there's a major, underutilized fiber-optic cable running under The
> Dalles); a nice place to live; Larry Page has taken up windsurfing.
> But what I'm interested is in what they'll be doing there.  It's all
> very hush-hush right now--I know a guy working security at the
> location, and he's not supposed to say "Google"--officially he's
> "working down at the port."  Also, my mom talked to a couple people
> fishing near the site the other day--she suspected they worked for
> Google, so asked them what was going on.  They just laughed and said
> "we can't tell you that!"
> Why so secretive?  Were other Google start-ups also kept under-wraps?
> Is this simply SOPs for a major company, or is this the focus of a new
> direction for Google?
> Anyway, I'd love to hear some ideas about this--any rumors that I've
> missed?  Or news flashes from Google?  Or simply blind speculation?
> Walter Gildersleeve
> Freiburg, Germany

__/ [ NullBock ] on Sunday 14 May 2006 15:02 \__

>> Sounds like the dark web concept is beginning to firm up.

Dark fiber:


Some say that Google may one day form their own private Web and have Web
sites submitted directly to the index. You know, kind of like the
commercialisation of the Net. Confer ISP's imposing costs on E-mail and Net
Neutrality debates.



> Is that anything like black helicopters?

Yes, and they hijacked Peter Kohlmann 3 weeks ago. Rumours say that Microsoft
snatched him from our beloved COLA.

Best wishes,


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