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Re: [News] "Linux Getting Very Close to Mass Adoption"

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Ubuntu Linux, Dapper Drake Flight 7 - How Linux is getting very close to
> mass adoption
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | To be perfectly fair to Ubuntu I had also played with a copy of Vista
> | beta.  My sound card was not found, the ethernet adapter was not found,
> | and my graphics has severe issues.  So all in all the Ubuntu beta is
> | ahead of Vista right now.
> `----
> http://www.technologyevangelist.com/2006/05/ubuntu_linux_dapper.html

See what happens, his Linux installed well and he was happy. But peripherals
who's drivers should be supplied by the manufacturer didn't work, Linux or
in his case Ubuntu still gets the blame.  Instead of him saying 'I got
peripherals that are supported with Linux drivers and software then
installed Linux'.

Maybe we should do what Lexmark do, you go to their site looking for a Linux
driver for their printers and they link you to a site where you can write
your own. 

Well  Benjamin J. Higginbotham, go here and you can write your own drivers
for the hardware that isn't supported because it's makers didn't supply any
drivers and the volunteers haven't gotten round to doing those yet
http://sourceforge.net Or go to this site and buy compatible peripherals

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