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Re: The MS Office Plug-in

__/ [ B Gruff ] on Thursday 18 May 2006 15:02 \__

> - and what it can do for you.
> http://fussnotes.typepad.com/plexnex/2006/05/what_does_the_p.html
> This is really NOT the sort of thing that MS advocates ought to read....

The blog post states:

,----[ Snippet ]
| There are two important things the Plugin accomplishes for large &
| small organizations that are already entrenched in MS Office software
| on the desktop:
|     A -Ends Version Madness.
|     B -Introduces a durably open file format for documents without
|        a disruptive change of software.

Very intersting. I never ever thought about the former point. I can recall
the  days  when  I attended job interviews and some  on-line  applications
accepted CV's (resumes) _only in MS Word format_ (some permitted PDF, RTF,
text,  etc.).  Once printed and laid on the desk (e.g. at the time of  the
interview),  suddenly the document looked hedeous and often extended  from
just 2 pages onto 3. WTF? Is that uniformity? It was even the same program
and platform, ferchristsake!

If Microsoft cannot get a grip on their own proprietary formats, I fear to
think that they can manage standards. They still cannot manage (X)HTML/CSS
properly,  after more than a decade. Not only that, they also 'extend' and
ruin  the  Web  by producing nasty code. They could do the  same  to  Open
Document and PDF's generated in Office. Think MS-only fonts, for instance.


I do not have a copy of Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
I have no plans to buy one.
Please avoid sending me Word or PowerPoint attachments.
Word, Excel, and PowerPoint use proprietary data formats,
encouraging consumerism by forcing us to purchase new licenses
every time they "upgrade" their secret formats.
Send plain text, rich text format, html, or pdf instead.
See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/no-word-attachments.html

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