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Re: Pay As You Go Computing?!?!

  • Subject: Re: Pay As You Go Computing?!?!
  • From: "Mathew P." <Mathew@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 22:45:55 GMT
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: March of the Penguins
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On 2006-05-22, Dean G. spake thusly:
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Intel, Microsoft for Pay-As-You-Go PCs
>> ,----[ Quote from Yahoo]
>> | The pay-as-you-go model enabled by FlexGo makes PCs more accessible
>> | by reducing the initial cost and enabling customers to pay for
>> | computers through subscriptions or as they use them, through the
>> | purchase of prepaid activation cards or tokens.
>> `----
> With $150 PC's, it seems that Windows is becomming a larger and larger
> portion of the cost. Consider the $150 PC, then add $90 for Windows XP
> Home, and you have a $240 PC. Apparently MS wants half ($120) up front,
> then pay as you go for the rest. Or, you can buy the $150 PC and put
> Linux on it and not have to worry about buying more computer time.
>> ,----[ Quote from CNET ]
>> | Want to write a Word document? Pay a few pennies. Want to download
>> | some digital photos? Pay a few more.
>> |
>> | Under the idea, which Microsoft is introducing this week, people would
>> | be able to get a PC for their home with a mechanism that charges them
>> | depending on how much computing they use. Consumers would pay for about
>> | half of the PC upfront and then, say, 50 cents or 75 cents per hour of
>> | use. After several hundred hours of paid use, they would then own the
>> | PC outright.
>> `----
> Honestly teacher, I did my homework, but the computer wouldn't let me
> print it out.... I can't be given a bad grade just because I'm poor.
> Dean G.

Honestly, why do they guys refuse to learn the lessons of the past? Don't
they know they are doomed to repeat them in the future? Circuit city tried
this with the DIVX scheme and it was a financial trainwreck.


The apparent arrogance of MS boggles the mind.



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