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Re: follow up to upper lower case differences.

__/ [ T.J. ] on Monday 22 May 2006 22:19 \__

> This is to long to write here, but I thought some
> of you (especially Roy) might be interested in the
> strange results I am seeing.
> http://www.uksmallbusinessdirectory.co.uk/strange-goings-on.html

Yes, that's just what I noticed over here. I didn't grab screenshots, so I
thought I'd paste (albeit it's too large and overly filled with hyperlinks)
or post just the differences.

> It is all testing in progress, and I will be writing
> more tomorrow and testing more things out over
> the coming days.

Maybe there is no conversion to all-lowercase after all. Maybe it's related
to the way result delivery is engineered. You know, like getting different
SERP's when you request just 10 results per page, as opposed to 50...

> But what appears to be the case at the moment is
> that IE or google knows which is my site and raises
> it in the serps when I search for the keyword
> it is targeting.
> Cookie related, cache related or something else?

To Google, there is no access to cache, but it's possible that the browser
makes use of old content (unlikely for search results, which always expire
immediately). Try another Web browser or disable/flush cache.

Best wishes,


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