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Re: [News] Windows to Linux Migration Review Deeply Flawed

On 2006-05-21, M <ihatespam.0.a101888@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> I think this amble demonstrates that books, web sites whatever need to
> provide new people coming to linux with information on Package Management
> and Wiki sites or whatever to install the necessary stuff to get their
> multi-media stuff working.
> Given a lot of books on linux describe how to install the OS, then Chapter 2
> *needs* to be entitled 'Package Management and Installation'.
> Installing your multi-media on (for instance) (k)Ubuntu is a breeze, but a
> new user could potentially be put off linux if they don't find out about
> Synaptic/apt-get and the Wiki section dealing with multi-media in short
> order.

	No. New users simply have to be directed at those distrubtions 
that are meant for them. 

	Any "journalist" also needs to bring up the legal issues involved
in any altOS platform decoding proprietary formats perpetrated by Apple or
Microsoft. Things like DeCSS and mplayer are quite useful and effective but
exist in a legal grey area.

	Also, the mplayer plugin is MUCH better than trying to run plugins
or media players under emulation using crossover. It's also less of an 
admin chore. Just run easyubuntu and you're done. You don't have to install
crossover and then go through it's wizard to install 3 separate media players.

	Actually, crossover could be a bit more automated like easyubuntu and
run in a "so you're a windows user migrating to Linux and you want the 
'multimedia basics' to 'just work'" mode.

	...still would be a bit annoying though since you have to deal 
with those Windows installers.

> A couple of overviews of linux (first better than second IMHO)
> http://desktoplinuxathome.com/faq.html
> http://www.linuxiso.org/viewdoc.php/introtolinux.html
> No mention of 'Package Management' grrrr!

	Sure, I could use iTunes even under Linux. However, I have       |||
better things to do with my time than deal with how iTunes doesn't      / | \
want to play nicely with everyone else's data (namely mine). I'd 
rather create a DVD using those Linux apps we're told don't exist.

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