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Re: [News] Vista Requirments Rev'd Up

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
,----[ Quote ]
| Caveat: Microsoft is notorious for understating system requirements to
| pitch Windows to the greatest number, even when that minimum hardware
| has difficulty actually running the OS. JupiterResearch analyst Joe
| Wilcox characterized the habit this way on his blog. "You could run
| Windows on the minimum requirements, but you wouldn't want to."

Yikes! So the minimum requirements from Microsoft are definitely not enough:
800MHz processor, 512MB RAM, Graphics card that is DirectX 9 capable, and a


Nope, the minimums are just for the core OS!

Your needs will be greator if you want to play any games above Mine Sweeper or Solitaire!

The core file system measured 6GB just to get and equivalent screen to the old C/: ! the GUI and base embedded programs required another 9 GB, and that is in the Vista Beta!

No telling what a re-write of 60% of the code is going to do to it all!

No wonder all my customers and clients are flooding me with questions about Macs, or simply switching their current hardware to GNU/Linux!!!

And, think about it, everybusiness, school, or other IDIOT who buys NEW hardware to run VISTA, will be dumping some powerful stuff on all of us geeks!!!

I am going to offer a $50 discount for exchange of a full system! The monitor, keyboard, mouse/trackball and CPU tower will be a great addition to my Linux/Mac networks at home and in the shoppe!

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