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[News] Configurable Systems Need Linux

The Importance of Configuration Management in Open Source Deployments

,----[ Quote ]
| As anyone who has used Linux systems for production systems knows all
| too well, there's an art to arriving at a stable configuration with
| all dependencies met. Linux distributors do an excellent job of
| delivering systems that meet this criteria, and keeping them there
| through their update processes as functionality updates, bug fixes,
| and security updates get laid on top of the out-of-the-box system. The
| amount of work and the success that they have in delivering both the
| base distribution and the stream of updates that follow is widely
| unappreciated.
| [...]
| The second common reason is that in building their standard distribution
| distributors make decisions about the way things are built or
| configured, and this then affects other parts of the system relying
| upon those items. If the decisions made by the distributor don't match
| the requirements of the organization deploying the system, making the
| appropriate changes can have a cascading effect throughout the system.
| Those changes also mean that the standard upgrade patches supplied by
| the distributor probably can't be blindly applied.


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