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Re: Microsoft Bashes Outlook 2007

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> Pirillo: 65 Reasons Why Outlook 2007 Will Suck
> http://chris.pirillo.com/2006/05/26/65-reasons-why-outlook-2007-will-suck/#more-3622
> Minf you, this comes from a Windows evangelist.

MS evangelist or not, most of these are valid gripes; such as #59:
"Why does one dialog tie up the rest of Outlook? Seriously, sometimes
those confirmation dialogs get hidden / lost / buried - causing me
frustration in trying to surface the damn thing before I can move on
with my routine. Can't tell you how many times Ponzi's called me
over to her computer to fix this PROBLEM. So, are you going to FIX this

No, this is no "bug report." Chris is describing why Outlook 2007 sucks
and posing rhetorical questions for MS.

Does MS even have a bug tracking system for their customers (regular
customers, not developers)? Is "Ladybug" up and running yet? I've
always wondered how MS could make decisions about what their customers
want when they fail to provide any means to "hear" their customers...
and the Send Error Report to Microsoft popup windows doesn't count.

I digress...
Did you see the comments from Julian Bond? Very interesting...


Julian Bond on May 26, 2006 @ 6:58 am
Caveat: I don't use Outlook and don't expect to apart from to
provide support to others.

My one big wish is that Microsoft stop denying the internet and get
past 1996 in Outlook. Outlook still wants you to work as an Exchange
client with token support for internet email. So:-
- Proper support for signatures (hyphen hyphen space newline)
- Proper support for quoting and attribution
- Better support for threading by folder
- Built in NNTP client.
- Explicit support for mailing lists that recognises the difference
between reply to and follow up and treats a mailing list like an NNTP
- Accurate email RFC compliance
- RFC (and de facto standard) compliance for IMAP
- Make it easier to see the full headers and raw text of the message
- Export (and import) of messages in standard mbox format
- Support for email stores of >2Gb
- Simpler and more obvious setup of Authenticated SMTP, SMTP+STARTTLS,
- And a forlorn hope. Direct support for PGP.
- And of course, biggest of all, make it INHERENTLY BL**DY SECURE.
Outlook is right there next to IE as *THE* major source of virus and
trojan infections.

I haven't looked but I don't expect any of this has been done. And
judging by your issues list, that would be right.


It almost sounds as though Julian was going down the list of Mozilla
Thunderbird's features and contrasting them with Outlook. I believe
Evolution also supports all of the above (I use Evolution to connect to
our Exchange Server... when the Exchange Server isn't crashing like it
did last night).

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