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[News] Microsoft Suggests Everyone's a Thief

To Microsoft you?re not a customer. You're a thief.

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, guess what? You're required to validate the authenticity of your 
| operating system when you download a calculator from Microsoft...
| [...]
| Microsoft have lost the plot. They pay UMG $1 per Zune sold, kissing
| their asses, then proceed to call iPod users a thieves. Why? Because
| Microsoft is weak and sold out by paying the music cartel. Most users
| of music players actually rip music off CDs on to their players.
| Therefore, according to Microsoft, all you Zune users are thieves.
| [...]
| Then Microsoft makes a deal with Novell because, according to Steve
| Ballmer, Linux infringes on Microsoft intellectual property. Essentially
| the deal ensures that Microsoft will not sue Novell. Again, according
| to them, they are then calling Linux users (all but those using Novell
| Linux, of course) a bunch of thieves.


The point being, no matter which platform you choose, Microsoft calls you a
thief. To Microsoft, Linux users stole IP and owe Microsoft money; iPod
(Apple) users are pirates; Windows users are criminals until proven

This is of course the treatment you get from the company with the most
corrupt history. Bill Gates pirates films, so maybe it's a case of

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