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Re: No Paycuts at Microsoft?

Jerry McBride wrote:
> Larry Qualig wrote:
> >
> > Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> >> Pay checks for Gates, Ballmer fall short of $1 million
> >>
> >> ,----[ Quote ]
> >> | Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer may be valued in
> >> | the billions of dollars, but they didn't quite crack the $1 million
> >> | mark in annual salary and bonuses for the last fiscal year.
> >> |
> >> | Each saw slight salary hikes, to $616,667 in fiscal 2006 from $600,000
> >> | in 2005. But they also pulled in reduced bonuses--$350,000 in 2006, as
> >> | opposed to $400,000 in 2005.
> >> `----
> >>
> >> http://news.zdnet.com/2100-3513_22-6122597.html
> >>
> >> These are symbolic figures, but nonetheless...
> >
> > It's pathetic what passes for "advocacy" these days.
> >
> > For starters read Microsoft's annual SEC filings and you'll see that
> > operating expenses increased last year because of "increased employee
> > salaries" - Raises... not paycuts.
> >
> > Somehow you manage to twist in your mind that because two of the
> > richest men on the planet received slightly less of what amounts to
> > "pocket change" for them it somehow has some significance.
> >
> > Breaking news for you Roy.... Gates and Ballmer aren't going to care or
> > notice that their paycheck was 3% less last year. It's ironic that you
> > worry more about their pay than they do.
> >
> > Once again, it's pathetic what passes for "Linux advocacy" these days.
> If it's so pathetic, then why do you find it so necessary to "stomp" on it
> so hard?

What does "stomp" mean in this context? Do you mean why do I point out
bullshit posts? The answer is because they are misleading distortions,
ie Lies.

> In fact, why are you even here anyways?

Probably the same reason many other people are here. It's mildly
amusing when I have the spare time. And when I read something that
twists the truth so far from reality I feel compelled to "stomp" the
lies and point them out.

> Is Microsoft in such disrepair that you have to jump up-and-down on anything anti-microsoft so as to totally disembowel the comment?

Actually Microsoft is doing very well. I could flip this question and
ask "Is Linux in such disrepair that zealots need to jump up-and-down
and post anti-Microsoft lies?"

> Maybe what we hear is true after all... Microsoft is dieing and all it's
> supporters are going full title to support it to the end...

What "we" hear???? If all you here is the BS posted here in COLA then
you aren't hearing the truth. Dispite the BS that Roy posts of how MS
is "sinking fast" the reality couldn't be further from the truth.
Several of their business segments have had strong double-digit growth
for many quarters. They have $35 billion in cash. Their revenue is
higher than ever and profits are at all time highs. Profit margins are
well above the industry average and near record highs for them.

Other than the useless crap posted here what emperical evidence do you
have that "Microsoft is dieing?"  Looking at facts (not lies, twisted
COLA posts and annonymous blogs on LinuxUser.com) I see nothing at all
that supports your claim.

> Larry, or who ever you really are... wake up and smell the coffee.

My name really is Larry. My last name surely isn't "Qualig" but it's an
interesting twist of my real last name. I'm actually intelligent enough
not to splatter my real ID all over the internet.

Perhaps you need to smell the coffee? Read on.

>  No one
> cares a bit about you or your microsoft spins, fuds or stomps... Microsoft
> is being left behind, not by just us, but by the world.

Correct. And the average of 30 posts that I make here every week are
meaningless. But don't be fooled into thinking that the 400 posts/week
that Roy makes here are somewhat significant or is making a difference.
I spend 1-2 hours a week here and in the long term it makes no
difference. Roy spends 20-40 hours a week here but his rabid anti-MS
posts and lies mean just as little as mine... effectively zero.

Perhaps you need to wake up and smell the coffee because your claim
that MS is being left behind and that it's dieing are absolutely
laughable anywhere outside of COLA. MS is the 3rd largest company
behind ExxonMobil and General Electric. It's competitors (Novell and
IBM for example) rely heavily on Microsoft products to keep their
business running. Go out into the "real world" and tell them that a
company with $35 Billion in cash, that's making record profits on
record revenues and is making nearly $1.5 million dollars PROFIT (not
sales... but profit) every hour of every day, 24x7. Tell them you think
this company is "dieing" and people will think that you are an absolute

But then again you have the "facts" on your side... Roy in COLA says
so. I'm sure once you tell them this they'll agree with you.

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