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Re: [News] Release of Mandriva 2007 Made Official

__/ [ Sinister Midget ] on Thursday 05 October 2006 00:51 \__

> On 2006-10-04, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> posted
> something concerning:
>> Mandriva Linux 2007: Look no further for the best of Linux
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>| Mandriva Linux 2007 is the best Mandriva Linux distribution ever. It is
>>| more easy-to-use, more user-friendly and more powerful. It is ideal for
>>| the needs of all users, from the beginner to the SOHO user.
>> `----
> We shall see. I'll try it one more time. For the last time if this one
> ends in tragedy.
> I've had nothing but trouble with Man[drake|driva] the last few years,
> from partitioners that screwed things up, to installers that failed
> inexplicably at random places, to boots (mulitple downloads, multiple
> sources, multiple burns) that ended with kernel panics. In each case
> something else (Suse, Mepis, Knoppix, Kanotix, etc) worked just fine on
> the same hardware right after failure. Excepting the Mac. The 2 times I
> tried that I had trouble with everything except YellowDog.

I can recall having 2 problems the last time I tried Man[drake|drive]. It was
Mandrake 9.2 just over a year ago (previous use was in 2002-2004/5). First I
had to refresh the menu from the command-line (no big deal), but later I
messed about with the partitions editor without being careful and I botched
it. I then installed Ubuntu, later to be replaced with SUSE.

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