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[News] Novell Buffs Up Offensive on SCO, Microsoft

More Novell Filings too

,----[ Quote
| It's a good thing for SCO they added a couple of lawyers to replace the
| ones that recently left. They have serious motions coming at them from
| all directions, from Novell and IBM, and the arbitration on top of it
| all. It's beginning to feel a little like the Alamo.



Novell Files Motion for Preliminary Injunction

,----[ Quote ]
| For the foregoing reasons, Novell respectfully requests that this Court
| grant partial summary judgment as to Novell's Sixth, Seventh, Eighth,
| and Ninth Claims for Relief and impose a constructive trust on the monies
| SCO received and improperly retained from the 2003 Sun and Microsoft
| Agreements. If summary judgment is denied, Novell requests in the
| alternative that this Court issue a preliminary injunction requiring
| an accounting and establishing a constructive trust.


Novell goes for SCO's throat


IBM Asks Court to Toss SCO's Entire Case

,----[ Quuote ]
| "After three and a half years of case proceedings, summary judgement
| motions have been submitted in the highly controversial SCO v. IBM case.
| SCOX shares took a loss of 18.75%, or $0.39, to close at $1.69.


,----[ Quote ]
| The brave new SCO source business model is now clear: sue your
| customers, shill for Microsoft, kite your stock, and pray you stay
| out of jail."


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