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Re: [News] BBC Linux Accessibility

begin  oe_protect.scr 
spike1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <spike1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> did eloquently scribble:
>> http://www.bbc.co.uk/accessibility/linux/sub_root.shtml
>> Sorry if you have already seen this. This came a few days after the BBC had
>> signed a deal (one to handle an Internet portal) with a company that ignored
>> the Internet until it was too late. Judging by what Microsoft did to NBC,
>> these pages won't last for long. And forget about RealPlayer or Ogg...
> BBC won't abandon real that easily.
> They aren't a company that answers to no-one, they have remits and
> obligations to everyone in the uk who has a TV license.
> They might open a NEW portal for microsoft based protocol, but their own
> protocol and real will still exist. If they went microsoft only there'd be a
> backlash they'd find hard to weather.

The BBC are funded in such an interesting way (a licence fee) that they
have unusual responsibilities.  They're not beholden to shareholders,
and have no particular need to sign up to one or other proprietary
technology, in fact, quite the reverse.  The role in the UK is mainly
broadcasting, not narrowcasting, or microsoft-only-casting, but
broadcasting.  I can't see them abandoning the real format in a hurry,
and I would really prefer them to move to ogg and its associated open
video codec.  Or use their own Dirac codec (in-house BBC development).

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