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Re: Microsoft Has Just Killed my Services and Firefox Extensions

In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Roy Schestowitz
on Mon, 02 Oct 2006 22:01:21 +0100
> Bastards.
> http://www.webpronews.com/insiderreports/searchinsider/wpn-49-20061002A9SearchEmbracesLiveFeatures.html
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | A9 lost features that matched offerings from Microsoft.
> | 
> | Those include the A9 Toolbar, which should be uninstalled now, A9 Maps,
> | and A9 Yellow Pages including the BlockView images.
> | 
> | Considering the expense Amazon likely incurred in collecting BlockView
> | photos, Microsoft must be paying handsomely for Amazon to shut this
> | down.
> `----
> Also here:
> http://www.resourceshelf.com/2006/10/01/search-briefs-a9-discontinues-many-features-yahoo-to-open-yahoo-mail-api/
> Microsoft is paying to shut down its competitors. How the heck is this
> ethical or even legal? This has eliminated services I depend on
> (permanently).

I would think it's perfectly legal (though it's hard to
tell, but unless it's made illegal explicitly how could it
be illegal unless something in existing law states such?).
Not sure regarding the ethics and of course it can be
damned annoying.

In any event, Micro$oft can pay hand$omely enough; it's got
$billion$ in the $bank.


#191, ewill3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Windows.  Because it's not a question of if.
It's a question of when.

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